Accessibility Statement


Accessibility Statement


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Accessibility Statement | Disability Information

Entrance to the Building – From the Front:

The main entrance is located at the front of the building on Castle Street in Douglas. Vehicles are not allowed into the street between 10am and 5pm.
The entrance door opens both inward and outward and is wide enough to accommodate a motorised wheelchair.
There is no accessible entry to the building via the back door

Seating, Layout & Serving

Tables on the ground floor generally seat four diners with two seater window booths. The layout is such to easily accommodate a wheelchair. The counter is 88cm high making it easy to see the cakes on display. Service is usually by the counter but we are very happy to provide table service.
A Braille menu is available upon request.
A ‘tea box’ full of test tubes containing each of our tea products is available to assist people with visual impairment.
Entrance – Chester Street Car Park
Parking is nearby at the Chester Street car park, a short walk from the cafe. The car park is fully accessible with a lift and there are no steps between the car park ground floor and the entrance to the Tea Junction.

Toilet Facilities

There are no toilets on the ground floor and no lift.
Toilets are located on the 1st floor – accessed by a flight of stairs from the ground floor.
The closest accessible toilets are located a short distance away at the former “Shoprite” Chester Street store which is located underneath the car park.


Children are welcome at Tea Junction. Whilst we have no specific children’s menu we can adapt any menu item into a child size portion.
A baby changing area available upon request. High chairs are available upon request.
We are more than happy for you to breast feed your baby in our cafe.